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Caledonian Pellets - The Wood Pellet Heating Specialists

We deliver premium grade & RHI compliant wood pellet for your Biomass boiler needs from our network of local depots, supported by our central customer service team.

At Caledonian Pellets we guarantee to supply you with wood pellets that are of the highest quality, but at a competitive price. –in addition to a quality product and price we aim to provide a first class service to match.

Caledonian Pellets is a specialist wood fuel business - Our Larger parent company Angus Biofuels offers consultancy and advice to those considering wood fuel heating solutions. Let us help you make the most of the long term financial support which the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has to offer.

Whether you are a Commercial, Non-Domestic or Domestic wood-fuel user, we can help with both the design and installation and maintenance of biomass heating systems.

High quality fuel is absolutely critical to the performance of a biomass system with the quality of pellets related to handling procedures as well as their physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Not only does high quality fuel burn more efficiently, it reduces overhead maintenance costs in the long term. Poor fuel sources can lead to ineffective combustion, clogging of the system that conveys fuel to the combustion chamber by oversized particles and disintegration of pellets through incorrect delivery procedures.

Caledonian Esco are ENplus Accredited Suppliers to the ENplus A1 standard. ENplus represents a great move forward in ensuring wood pellet quality in the UK since Spring/Summer 2011 when HETAS became the accrediting body. ENplus is an independent certification scheme that provides the chance to ensure practicability and Europe-wide uptake of the scheme through direct industry involvement. ENplus A1 is currently the highest quality standard mark used in the UK. Wood pellet manufacturing currently has the most controllability over quality standards compared with other wood fuel products. The introduction of ENplus standards into the UK has greatly increased wood pellet quality, with stipulation and regulation of certified manufacturers on ash content, moisture content, ash melting temperatures and calorific values. Criteria of a minimum ash melting temperature which was not seen in previously used standards (EN 14961, ONORM, DIN), is evidence of continuous quality development of the UK wood pellet market especially in preventing previously common clinker problems in boilers.
Key parameters are:

• 6mm diameter

• 3.15 - 40mm length

• <10% moisture

• <0.7% ash content

• <1.0% fines (less than 3.15mm)

• 16.5 to 19 MJ/kg calorific content

• >600 kg/m3 bulk density

The HETAS trade mark highlights the importance of wood fuel quality standards to position a certified source as an economical, reliable and safe fuel, that helps ensure safety and efficiency of the customer’s biomass appliance. Thus quality also represents a sign of credibility, and credibility is fundamental to consumer confidence of a product/system.

Alastair Stewart

Director & Founder