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  • 1. What area do you deliver to?

    We deliver to the whole of the UK but the cost varies depending on distance.

  • 2. How long can wood pellets be stored?

    As long as they are kept in dry conditions, as long as you need. Exposing pellets to moisture will lead to them expanding and becoming a poor quality fuel. Specially designed wood pellet stores can be purchased which will keep pellets in pristine condition for the longest possible time. It is recommended that wood pellet stores are emptied and cleaned annually in order to stop the build up of excessive amounts of dust.

  • 3. How much ash is produced from wood pellets?

    The percentage of ash produced as a proportion of weight is very low for wood pellets, at less than 0.7%. This means there is very little maintenance of the boiler, and what ash is produced makes an excellent garden fertiliser.

  • 4. Are you BSL listed?

    Yes. - our BSL number is xxxxx-xxxx   - enabling you to claim RHI subsidy

  • 5. How can I order my wood pellets?

    You can order your pellets online, on this very website, or you can call one of our expert team. Wood pellets are available already bagged or as a bulk blown delivery.

  • 6. How are wood pellets delivered?

    If you’ve ordered pre-packed bags of wood pellets then our assigned haulier. (If you require us  to unload and restack the pallet for an additional fee- please phone to discuss) If you’ve gone for the bulk blown option then one of our vehicles will blow the fuel directly into your store. Our drivers are highly trained in doing this and we take time during the delivery to ensure minimal damage to your fuel.

  • 7. How long does it take to deliver from order?

    Approximately 3-5 working days from the initial order date. If we anticipate any delay then we’ll be in touch to keep you fully informed. Bulk blown deliveries should take a similar period, but we’ll make sure we arrange a suitable date with you for the delivery.

  • 8. How are wood pellets delivered?

    Wood pellets can be delivered in bulk by one of our vehicles blowing the fuel into your store / hopper, or we can deliver 1 tonne bags or smaller bags on a curtain sided vehicle. We are able to send pallet trucks with curtain siders to aide you in unloading the bags.

  • 9. What is the VAT rate for wood pellets?

    Wood fuel sold directly to the end user attracts a reduced VAT rate of 5%. Companies that purchase fuel for commissioning purposes or to sell on to end user are required to pay 20% VAT. If you are unsure of your entitlement to pay a reduced rate, please call  or email to discuss.

  • 10. How far do you blow the wood pellets?

    We can blow the pellets up to 25  metres, however the less distance the better. The further that the vehicle has to blow the more pressure that has to be exerted on the pellets. This means there is likely to be more degradation, we tend to recommend a blowing distance of no further than 12 metres wherever possible.

  • 11. What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept payments by  Paypal - or other payment methods by arrangement