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Horse Bedding – Wood Pellets


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Opt to use wood pellets as a premium quality bedding.

Wood pellet bedding is incredibly convenient, making mucking out time drastically reduced. They are fantastic value with a single bag of bedding will lasting as long as and in most cases longer than a bale of shavings and hygienic and comfortable, carefully processed to provide an allergy and dust free pellet. While being easy to store.

Vets recommend pellet bedding for hoof support.

Environmentally Friendly

100% natural product. Made of soft sustainable wood fibre.Bio-degradable. Pellets rot down quickly to reduce muck heap area by up to 50%. Can be spread on the land as fertilizer. Cost effective. Save 30%-50% on labour and transport costs as bedding is long lasting so needs changed less often. Less waste and disposal costs as it is compostable.Requires less space for storage.

How to Use Wood Pellets

  1. Add between 5-8 bags of Wood Pellets to the stable
  2. Lay the bags flat on the ground
  3. Cut open the front of the bags
  4. Add half a bucket of warm water to each bag
  5. Within 15-20 minutes the pellets will expand to 3 times their original size
  6. Empty each bag and fork through

After this you should only need to use about 1-2 bags of Wood Pellets a week to keep your stable clean.

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Full Pallet

Pellet Spec

100% renewable energy, 6mm Pellet Size, Authorized Biomass Supplier Certificate BSL0032912-0006, High energy output, Low carbon emissions, Made from sustainable forestry, Pallet = 65 X 15kg bags


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