• Big Bulk 1 ton Bag of Pellets

Large Sack – 1 Ton of Wood Pellets

Product Details
Category: Pellets.

Large 1000kg sack of wood pellets suitable for use as fuel or horse bedding.

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  • Certified as superb quality: ENPlus A1 and DIN+
  • Sustainable: FSC certified and BSL accredited
  • 6mm pellets
  • 100% virgin wood
  • Multiple delivery options 1.0 tonne big-bags or bulk delivery
  • High durability – around 99%
  • Very low fines contents

Our commercial wood pellets are made from 100% virgin wood and have a very high durability of around 99%. This ensures they have very low fines content when delivered to end user. They have superb quality and sustainability credentials: ENPlus A1, DIN+ and FSC certificates and BSL accreditation.


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